Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friends and family are the best!

Well now that I've established my routine at home, I figured it's time to meet some people!

I spent a whole bunch of time with my grandparents... and boy are they fun!! Baachan and Jiichan are really funny, they come over to my house and hold me and sing to me. Baachan even made Mommy and Daddy a really yummy dinner. Aunt Shana came over too, and by the end of the day she was a pro at holding me and keeping me happy. While they were here Grandpa came over to show me a picture he had taken of me and printed on his new printer. The picture was bigger than I am!!! Mommy set the picture in my crib so it wouldn't get bent, and then Daddy walked into my room and thought I was in the crib!! Hahaha, if I had thought about it I would have saved that trick for April Fools day! Grandma came over too and just held me and stared at me.

And now that I've met the family I'm thinking it's time to get my parents out of the house. I was starting to feel a little coop'ed up and I wanted to put some more faces to the voices I've been hearing for the last 9 months. So first we went to Mommy's work and I got to meet all the people who gave me so many nice things... like my swing and blankies and books. Next stop was Daddy's work. I could tell that some of them had never held a baby before, but I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

Next we went over to the DeChenne's house and I got to see Ethan again. He's my buddy and when I'm big enough to walk and play he's going to show me how to do puzzles and play in the pool and dance. But for right now, I just enjoy watching him do all those things. Funny story, when we got over to their house I decided it was time to test my parents diaper bag packing skills, so I blew out my diaper and outfit... they changed me into a fresh and clean diaper, but guess what, they forgot to bring me an outfit! So I got brought home in a blanket. Now I think they pack two outfits just in case there is another pop quiz!! Or should I say, poop quiz! Haha!

Until next time,

Aunt Shana holding me.
Grandma holding me.
James at Daddy's work holding me.
Me being brought home in a blanket because I have no clothes.

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