Monday, June 29, 2009

Early June 2009

Gee wiz... sorry to make you wait so long for a new post, but as you will read, I've been so busy that I haven't had a minute to sit down and type.

Let me start by saying, June was a hot month!! I went from being swaddled in a flannel blankie to using a piece of cotton fabric from Mommy's quilting stash. It took a little getting used to, but it was cooler.

On the last day of May we went to the Edmonds waterfront festival and I got to meet some more vanWinkles. Bob says he likes babies best when they can fit in one arm. It was fun to go outside and smell the water and see bigger kids playing in the sand, I'm looking forward to building sand castles and flying a kite! June just got hotter and hotter, so I ended up spending some time over with Ethan and lounging in the shade with Tricia.

One day I took Mommy and Daddy over to Aunt Susan and Teresa's house for a little impromptu BBQ, their friend Wyatt was there too... he's 9 months old, but he's 3 times bigger than me!! He can crawl and play with keys and eat watermelon! Zita and Jake didn't quite know what to do with Wyatt, so they hid in another room. Silly kitties.

My Gigi sent me a really pretty bracelet with my name and birthday engraved on the inside. It has birdies and flowers engraved on the outside. I really like it and Mommy finally let me wear it. Gigi sent some ribbons with it too so that Mommy could tie it to my wrist and not worry about me loosing it. It's still a little big, but you can see how well it compliments my dress.

And then it was Father's Day weekend. This was Daddy's first Father's Day, so I made sure that he got an extra special present. (No, not a full diaper!) On Saturday Ohbah and Ohgee came up and took everyone out to Olive Garden. We had a nice time visiting and it was only the second time Mommy and Daddy have gone out to eat since I came to town. I was just so happy to see my Ohbah and Ohgee that I sorta forgot that it was Daddy's day. But I made up for it on Sunday when I wore a new pair of overalls and gave him a model airplane from Boeing. I know he liked it because he put it together right away and then put it on his dresser. We also went over to Grandpa Martin's house for pancakes in the morning, and Uncle Cully was there and so was Grandma Mihntam. It was a great weekend!

We did so much in June that I'm going to write a whole 'nuther posting for the second half of the month... it should be up in the next day or so, so come on back, ya hear?

Kisses and hugs,

Bob and me at the Edmonds Waterfront Festival... I just barely fit in one arm.
Here I am lounging at Tricia and Ethan's house, we always have fun!
Auntie Susan and Teresa and me.
Wyatt and his keys... he makes me look so petite.
My fancy new bracelet from Gigi.
Daddy and Ohgee and me on Saturday of Father's Day weekend.
Grandpa Martin and me. (See my overalls?)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some fun things I've been doing

Hello again,

I have been a very busy baby lately. I went to the doctor, a wedding, a couple of BBQ's and celebrated Mothers Day... although not specifically in that order.

My doctor visit was pretty uneventful for me, I just got measured and weighed and looked at. Mommy and Daddy however seemed to have an unending list of questions and talked forever! I'm happy to report that I am officially growing; I am now 8lbs 9oz and 20.5" long! Even though the numbers clearly indicate growth, Mommy is convinced that my clothes are just shrinking in the wash... I think she wants me to stay really little forever.

For Memorial Day weekend we went to two BBQ's. The first one was over at Sean, Melissa and Sidneys house and a lot of Daddy's work friends were there. Daddy and Mommy ate hamburgers and potato salad and Melissa's home made baked beans, I heard they were really good, but they didn't share with me; maybe when I have teeth. Remember the picture of James holding me a few weeks ago, well I let him hold me again and he was much more relaxed! I'm a good teacher. Victoria also held me, and didn't really want to share me which was ok with me because she is so pretty. After watching Sidney run around with the other doggies that came to the BBQ, Daddy, Mommy and I loaded back into the car and went to Susan and Teresa's house. The grill was full of Brats and corn on the cob and more baked beans, I just watched everyone eat their dinner while I feasted on the usual right then left entree.

The wedding we went to was in Bellingham, which is the farthest away from home I've ever been. Matt and Brayde were the groom and bride and Mommy and Daddy were so worried that I was going to cry during the ceremony that we sat all the way in the back next to the door. Well I didn't make a peep and everyone gave me compliments for being so quiet. Brayde was so pretty in her wedding gown and Matt looked very handsome and happy. Daddy's friend Ryan was a groomsman and I tried but I didn't end up getting any spit up on his tux. I also got to meet Matt & Kayla, and Sean & Melissa were there too. At the end of the night Ryan & Kaylee gave me a book full of Curious George stories, it was really heavy so I had Daddy carry it home for me. The wedding and reception were a lot of fun and I'm glad that we all got to go.

For Mothers Day I gave Mommy the best present ever: 6 hours of consecutive sleep. Then we went over to Grandpa Martin's house and ate a big pancake breakfast. I got to meet my Great Aunt JoAnna and my cousin Crickett. They live in Montana and were leaving that afternoon, so I'm really glad I got to meet them. After that we went back home and just hung out.

See how busy I am? Well there will be much more to tell you about in the next posting... so stay tuned.

Hugs and kisses,

James standing, holding my hand and smiling... my grasshopper has come so far!
Victoria & me.
Susan feeding Teresa baked beans on Memorial Day weekend.
Mommy, Daddy & me at Matt & Brayde's wedding in Bellingham.
Sean & Melissa.
Matt & Kayla.
Ryan & Kaylee.
Mommy & me on Mothers Day.
Great Aunt JoAnna & me.
Cousin Crickett & me.