Monday, March 8, 2010

Quick review with pictures!

Hey Everybody,

It's been forever... but you have to understand how busy I've been. I've gone from exclusive eating at the Mommy Buffet to eating in my highchair with veggies, Cherios, and lots of yogurt. I'm on the second half of my first year (currently 10 months old). I have crawling down pat, and I can clap, give you high five, play peak-a-boo with you and walk if you hold my hands.

Things are going quite well for me. I've been going on outing to the park and I've even gone down the slide all by myself! I can't wait for summer, since Mommy and Daddy have promised to take me to more parks... and there's talk about going camping, which I think means spending all day outside. Outside is my favorite place. There is so much to look at and poke at!

Here are some pictures from the end of last year to now.

Me at the park on a sunny January day.

Me with Santa, we got along just fine.
Me, Mommy and Daddy at the Ballard Locks.
Me and Daddy on a ferry boat going to Pouslbo in November 09
My Super Pooper costume for Halloween 09