Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Late June 2009

So now for more on what I did in June.

Remember how I said going out to Olive Garden was the second time Mommy and Daddy have gone out to eat? Well Daddy took me and Mommy out to Red Robin and they thought it would be funny if I had my picture taken with the large bottle of seasoning. So there I am, in my car seat hanging out with my pink friend and the big 'ole bottle of seasoning. Funny parents. The same night we went out to RR, Daddy's office buddies decided to go out to Whirly Ball. We went and watched a few matches... and it looked like so much fun that I just had to let them know I would be on the team just as soon as my feet can reach the pedals of the go cart. I figured I would start by practicing with the catcher thingy. Just need to grow a few more inches...

I also got to meet some more family. Aunt Michi and Uncle Harold and my cousins Shannon and Natalie were so nice to invite us all over for coffee and cookies. Aunt Michi made a scrumptious rubarb crisp, at least that is what I was told since I couldn't have any. I got to hear all about Natalie's engagement and upcoming wedding, and Shannon is moving and changing practices. I had a very nice visit.

The major event of June was Shop Hop. Mommy and Auntie Teresa decided that at 9 weeks old it was time for me to take up a hobby, and apparently quilting is it. If you haven't heard of Shop Hop it's a 5 day event in Western Washington and you drive around to the 50 some odd quilt shops and pick up free blocks and fabric to make a sampler quilt. We started on the 24th with 6 shops, then on the 26th we went to 11 shops, then on the 27th Connie and Lindsay joined us to go to another 11 shops, and then on the 28th Teresa stayed home and Daddy took us to the last 4 shops to collect an amazing 32 blocks!! It was a total of 717 miles that I drove around picking up fabric. It was fun, but I was so tired. Mommy said she would help me put together my fabric to make my very first shop hop quilt, which is good since I don't know how to work a pair of scissors.

On that last day of shop hop, Daddy and Mommy were trying to plan it so that they could go on an 'alone date'. I didn't quite understand why they didn't want me to come too, but since we were in Olympia and I got to spend more time with Ohbah and Ohgee, I was happy. I guess I am too cute because Mommy and Daddythey were only able to stay out for an hour and a half!

So that was June. So busy! July looks to be a busy month too... I have a check up at the doctor's office (I've been told that the shots won't hurt too much), I get to see 4th of July fireworks, it's going to be Mommy's Birthday (she mentioned something about it being her first 29th birthday), Ohbah and Ohgee are throwing me a 100 day party, GiGi is coming to town... and that's all before the 15th!! Can't wait to tell you all about it!

Hugs and kisses to all,

Me with Red Robbin seasonings...
Me practicing for Whirly Ball.
Me with Aunt Michi and cousins Shannon and Natalie.

Me with Lindsay in the fabric aisles during Shop Hop.
Me with Mommy, Auntie Teresa, Lindsay and Connie outside the Kingston Quilt shop, which was the last shop of the day.
Me and Ohgee in Olympia.

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