Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy July Everybody!

Well guess what. I'm growing and growing and growing. At least that's what my Mommy says. On July 1st I measured in at 23 inches long and weighed 11 pounds 5 ounces! The doctor was quite happy with my growing progress. The only part of this visit that wasn't my favorite was getting shots. :( I had to have 3 of them, and they hurt. At least I got a shiny band-aid when it was over. :) And I was only grumpy for one day.

The 4th of July was a new experience. (Just like everything else these days.) Mommy and Daddy invited some people over and BBQ'd. Mommy also decided to make it her birthday party, she said something about it being her 'first 29th' birthday. I haven't even had my first birthday party, 29 seems like a long ways away. We had fun; we colored the sidewalk with chalk, ate tons of food, had berry short cake, and watched fireworks from the front window. Our neighbors blew up fireworks for close to an hour, and they were big and bright.

I also went swimming! The water wasn't quite warm enough for me, but I spent 30 minutes remembering the good old times when I always was swimming. At least I was having a good time until some one decided to see if I remembered how to hold my breath under water. Auntie Susan and Teresa were there to entertain me and make sure I didn't drown. Auntie Teresa is a life guard, so Mommy knew I would be ok, but I still didn't like going under water.

Mommy says pictures will be up soon.
Kisses and hugs,

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